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Were-Soldier Warriors Trilogy Box Set by Kym Dillon (Books #1-3)
Requirements: ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 804 kB
Overview: Heart pounding, knees weak, stomach fluttering… being hunted through the jungle isn’t the only thing affecting her. The sexy panther shifter calls to her in a primal way that cannot be denied.
Genre: Paranormal Romance


Dr. Jessica Delaney is on a mission to save lives deep in the wilds of Tanzania. When her small transport plane crashes, she finds herself stranded in the savage and untamed jungles of sub-Saharan Africa.
Luckily, she’s not alone.
The sexy and mysterious pilot, Marcus Van Den Berg, is well versed in survivalism. Marcus is capable not only of protecting her, but of keeping her warm and satisfied throughout the night.
The secret he guards, however, is something beyond belief. Something that will leave Jessica’s life forever changed.

Marnie Arbinger, a brilliant hematologist, once found solace in the safety of her sterile laboratory. Now, out on the edge of civilization, life in rural Africa is savage.
An injured stranger rides into the encampment and draws her like a magnet. And, it’s not just his broad, muscular, insanely attractive looks.
Jax, a powerful tiger shifter, awakens in a medical tent to find that fate has gifted him. The beautiful doctor treating his battle wounds is his, whether she knows it or not.
Jax vows to love, protect, and fiercely defend his mate. Yet, as formidable and fearsome an opponent as Jax is, he must watch, helpless as a kitten, as his mate is afflicted by the horrifying epidemic laying claim to the village.

Dr. Stephanie Carter is the lead doctor at the Tanzanian medical outfit deep in the African jungle. Her village is in the midst of an epidemic crisis. With everything falling on her shoulders, Stephanie has no time for foolish indulgences like love and romance.
When she meets stoic, broad-shouldered Noah, all convictions are forgotten. Their attraction is intense and maddening, and Stephanie’s body hungers for his touch.
One night of sizzling passion throws her world into utter chaos.
As battles rage in the jungle, there is no room for forbidden love, yet some bonds just can’t be severed.

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