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Prime Alpha by Joshua Boring (Planetary Powers #1)
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Overview: The Solar War is coming.It’s been eight months since the Yew Alliance attacked the star fortress Navpoint Vantage, and declared war on Humanity. Now, the wait is over, and the time has come for the counter-attack to begin. But before the navy flies, before the armies land, before anything else, Humanity will unleash its most dangerous weapons.
The Elite Stellar Commandos, eight of the greatest heroes the Human Race has ever known… or rather, not known. Fighting in secrecy with lethal weaponry, dazzling technology, and eight suits of mystic alien armor, Team Alpha is taking the fight to the enemy, one mission at a time.
Nathen Brampton, leader of the Alphas, is faced with a mission that will make or break Humanity’s ability to wage war: To turn two alien juggernaughts against each other; the insidious Insectoid War Hive, and the dominent Yew Alliance.
In addition, he’s faced with the task of initiating his newest team member, a talented yet untested translator, who may or may not be worthy of the Elite title… or Nathen’s trust.
The battle for Humanity begins, but an even greater struggle lurks beneath the surface as the all-encompasing Solar War looms. As Nathen and his elites stretch themselves to their last ounce of strength, for just a shred of victory, the question echoes ever louder: Can Humanity survive a war for which it is woefully underprepared?
Genre: Science Fiction


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