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Modi’s World: Expanding India’s Sphere of Influence by C. Raja Mohan
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Overview: Modi’s World tells the story of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vigorous diplomacy and his aspiration to elevate India’s place in the world. It offers insights into Modi’s foreign policy inheritance, his efforts to build on the foundations laid by his recent predecessors, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh, and set more ambitious international goals of his own for India. The book, based on Raja Mohan’s columns for the Express, examines the new opportunities that Modi’s energy and intensity have generated for India’s relations with the major powers and its neighbours in the subcontinent, Asia and the Indian Ocean. Raja Mohan reviews India’s new initiatives under Modi to put diplomacy at the service of economic development, deepen the ties with the diaspora, and develop a new vocabulary for Indian foreign policy. He takes a close look at Modi’s attempts to end Delhi’s defensiveness on the world stage, inject greater flexibility into India’s positions on trade and climate change, discard past slogans like non-alignment, and construct a new framework of pragmatic internationalism. At the same time, Raja Mohan takes a critical look at some of the domestic constraints that could limit Modi’s ambition to make India a ‘leading power’ in the world. Crisply argued and written, Modi’s World provides the reader a sharp focus on an area of intense activity.
Genre: Foreign Policy, International Relations, Editorials


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