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Melody Of Murder by Theresa Parker (An Andromeda Spencer Novel #2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, MOBI Reader, 1 mb
Overview: Working for the police as a psychic consultant, finding missing people and things, can get a little crazy sometimes. I thought dealing with my Aunt Rita’s ghosts, my wacky family, and enjoying my new relationship with hunky Detective Nick Cavanaugh would be my routine for a while…Boy was I wrong!
Just when I thought things were getting back to normal…well, normal for me, I start hearing, “The Song.” Who knew that old song, my parents play at parties, would be the number one favorite song of a serial killer? My boss, Captain Johnson, is having a fit about the FBI taking over and involving me in the case, when he clearly wants me far away from this killer. The FBI does not seem surprised by my abilities. After all, they brought in three psychics of their own. None of them, however, has been able to catch this killer. The tables are turned when the killer sends a video with photos of me and the rest of the team. The hunted is now the hunter and without a picture of this killer, I have no weapon.

The FBI expects me to work miracles; let’s hope I can pull one off.
Genre: Fiction > Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery


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