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Jess & Steph Series by Alex Riordan (2 Books)
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 3,4 MB
Overview: Author of lesbian fiction.
Genre: Romance, FF, Lesbian, LGBT

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Drake’s Rock (#1): Lawyer Jessica Drake is 31. Practicing law by day, she moonlights as a singer in a rock band by night. Young, beautiful, smart and talented, her life is nothing if not busy. So, why does her boss think she has time to not only train, but spend her spare time babysitting the lead actress in the TV series he’s producing? With a small contingent of both male and female fans waiting for their chance and one very persistent special friend, Jessie is already on the verge of overwhelmed. Not sure where her life is going, if anywhere, she’s still hiding from her past. The fact that her favorite actress just walked through her door isn’t helping either.
Actress Stephanie Winters arrives in Ohio determined to just ‘do her job’ and go home. Still depressed after her latest failed relationship, she has no desire to take on a new role, let alone a part in a new TV series. Still, she does need to work and keep her career going. At least that’s what her agent keeps telling her. When she meets Jessica Drake for the first time, she becomes intrigued by the emotionally detached, yet gorgeous lawyer. No longer interested in one night stands or long distance relationships, Stephanie still finds herself drawn to Jessie.
Can Jessie move beyond her inability to trust someone again? Is Stephanie Winters worth the pain? For that matter, is Stephanie willing to break her own self-imposed loneliness and wait for Jessie?

Winter’s Role (#2): Stephanie Winters is finally happy. Her career is doing well, she’s starring in a new TV series and she’s in love. She hadn’t been expecting it, but that’s when it usually happens, isn’t it? The only stumbling block is that Jessie Drake, the woman she’s in love with, still lives in Ohio while she’s had to return to LA. Everyone they know is urging them to be careful; that long-distance relationships rarely work out. But with a little creative scheduling and a lot of patience, they’re determined to make it work. Stephanie, hounded by an agent who’s none too happy about their burgeoning romance, finally makes a decision which will affect both of their lives.
Jessie Drake is happier than she’s ever been. When her boss asked her to escort a young actress around and keep her entertained, she was none too happy about the assignment. When Stephanie Winters walked into her office however, she was ecstatic. And terrified. She had been a fan of Stephanie’s for years. Falling in love with her had been inevitable and unexpected. Finally ready to stop bouncing around from one lover to another, Jessie has worked hard to overcome a dark past and open herself to the possibilities of a future together. Jessie, determined to find a way to spend more time with Stephanie, has reconnected with her famous father.
Between flying back and forth from California to Ohio, fluctuating work schedules and an as yet untested relationship, can they make it work?

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