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The Fidelity World: Decoy by Mira Gibson
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Overview: Never underestimate a woman with nothing to lose…
Portia Rothschild had it all in her own small-town way growing up in the cornfields of the vast Midwest, but it didn’t last. Now that she’s a young woman, she’s determined to right the wrongs that rendered her and her family broken. But when she’s presented with a real opportunity to do just that, the plan to play ‘decoy’ quickly changes everything she thought she knew about revenge—and love. Her objective might be to entrap a powerful man, but that very man has laid a trap of his own, one that Portia can’t say she minds getting caught in.
If she knew where this was heading, she never would have shown up…
Nathan Cromwell has acquired a taste for a certain type of woman, but experience has taught the wealthy venture capitalist that his proclivities are impossible to satisfy… That is, until he engages the services of The Infidelity Corporation and is matched with an enigmatic young woman who guarantees she can and will ‘be anyone he wants her to be’. But what if he wants her to see the real Nathan—the man without the mask—and reveal her true self to him as well? Will she run scared or surrender to his brutal affection?
No one is who they seem…
Genre: Romance


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