Download Dead Promise by Linda Wells (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(AZW3)

Dead Promise by Linda Wells (Dead Series #2)
Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI .AZW3 Reader, 936 KB
Overview: New York City becomes ground zero for a bioterrorism attack when a weaponized strain of avian influenza is released into the city subway. The result is devastating—a deadly pandemic that threatens to tank the US economy.
Evidence leads FBI agents Georgiana Reed and Mark Strickland to a government research lab and a beautiful scientist, Dr. Suzy Chen. She had access. She had motive. And she had a secret connection to a group known only as the Organization and its sinister Director, who were operating to bring down the US economy.
When Chen’s love affair with a high-ranking military officer puts the Organization at risk, she is assassinated.
As Reed and Strickland draw closer to discovering the Director’s identity, they struggle to hide the love affair they began in Dead Love. Now is not the time for emotional entanglements, but passion has a way of sabotaging duty.
Chen’s grieving lover, Colonel Maxwell Graham, joins forces with Agents Reed and Strickland to hunt down the mysterious Director. Can they stop the Organization’s twisted plot to destroy the United States?
The government tries desperately to stem the chaos of the deadly pandemic. But is it too late?
Genre: Romance


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Download Remember Yesterday by Pintip Dunn [FR] (.ePUB)

Remember Yesterday by Pintip Dunn (Forget Tomorrow series #2) (French)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 211 Kb
Overview: À seize ans, Jessa vit dans un monde au bord du chaos. Jusque-là, tout le monde recevait au seuil de l’âge adulte un souvenir sélectionné et envoyé par son futur moi, une carte de visite qui conditionnait la vie et la carrière de chaque individu. Mais, depuis quelques années, le processus a été interrompu. On ignore encore comment ces images étaient envoyées depuis l’avenir dans le présent, on sait simplement que la clé de cette découverte décisive, c’est Jessa elle-même. Ses pouvoirs psychiques en font donc la plus précieuse des habitantes d’Eden City… mais elle se refuse absolument à aider les autorités, car elles ne sont pas étrangères au suicide de sa sœur, dix ans plus tôt. Assaillie par une série d’étranges appels à l’aide, Jessa décide de se laisser guider par ces visions, quitte à devoir collaborer avec Tanner Callahan, jeune scientifique de renom sur lequel reposent justement tous les espoirs de découverte du souvenir futur. Autrement dit, son ennemi juré.
Genre: Fiction – Young-Adult


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Download The Oracle Paradox by Stephen L. Antczak (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Oracle Paradox by Stephen L. Antczak
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.0MB
Overview: A techno-thriller novel of the near future when a powerful Artificial Intelligence called Oracle identifies individuals who pose a significant risk to the stability of our society, or who have a high probability of posing such a risk in the future, and sends assassins to kill them. Oracle knows each of us so well, better than we know ourselves, that it is able to determine who might become the next Hitler or Stalin long before that person even has an inkling of such a future.

The main character is Henry Porembski, who becomes one of Oracle’s assassins when he is recruited after his wife and daughter are killed in a terrorist attack. When he is sent to kill a young girl, the same age as his daughter, he turns against Oracle and vows to protect the girl. He wonders, though: if Oracle knows us so well, why would it send him to kill a girl it had to know he would not kill? And could it really predict how a little girl would turn out as an adult?

It all comes to a tense conclusion after Henry learns that his mission to kill the girl was really to set in motion a series of events intended to bring about the downfall of Oracle…because Oracle has determined that it, itself, poses a threat to the human civilization, and needs to be eliminated.
Genre: Fiction; Mystery/Thriller


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Download Free World Apocalypse Series by T.K. Malone (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Free World Apocalypse Series (0-1) by T.K. Malone
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 2.4MB
Overview: T.K. is an author of dystopian, post-apocalyptic and fantasy works. His Free World Apocalypse series is the first to be released. From London, England, T.K. always seems to manage to destroy England first.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy

Image Image

#0 – Prequel
On our fractured world, the threat of the apocalypse looms like a dark and distant storm rolling ever closer. There are a few that would welcome it, seize its chance. Some cower before it, unable to live their lives under its doom. Others are led toward it like a moth to a light on a dark, winter’s night, and there are those that would plot and plan, revelling in the game.

For Teah, her journey toward Armageddon started the day she rescued a boy from a sewer. She then found love with the boy’s brother, a smuggler, and the impossible happened. But had she inadvertently stepped into another’s dark plans? A web so complex, a plot so deep, that it was worthy of only the highest of stake, that of the world’s survival and nothing less.

The apocalypse is inevitable. The only question left is will Teah survive to see it?

#1 – Fugitive
“Who knows, who truly knows what sparks the trail of gunpowder? What word ignites the passion of panic? But when a man lets loose the mayhem of war in his mind and its chaos infects the thoughts of others, those of reason and thought can be found beaten and bloody, prostrate in the gutter of hope. We passed that point last night. Now there is no reason, no thought, no gutter.”

The Free World is in a state of perpetual war. Is it a mere matter of time before one side or the other presses the button? Will Oster Prime, fearless leader of The Free World, have the stones?

Teah has something new to worry about, against all the odds her son survived to be born into a hard life in the country. Forging an existence away from the Black City, Teah finds that folk are wary of her, very wary. City folk just aren’t trusted out there.

With her cabin burned to the ground, a bounty on her head, is it time to start running again, or should she stand and fight? And when the nukes go up, will it become a level playing field, or will things get infinitely worse for her?

Free World Apocalypse – Fugitive takes us from 10 years before the apocalypse to right smack bang in the middle of it, and guess what?

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Download Pick Your Poison by S.E. Hall, Hilary Storm (.ePUB)

Pick Your Poison by S.E. Hall, Hilary Storm (The Heart’s Desire Series Book 1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 193 KB
Overview: Just imagine…One book, two authors, multiple genres of book boyfriends…What could be better? Nothing. What would you do? Read it. Yeah, us too! So here you go-Pick Your Poison gives you several short, but fleshed-out stories to feed some of your favorite fantasies- ranging from an athlete to a tale of sin…while in Sin City!Whatever you’re in the mood for, Pick Your Poison has you covered!
Genre: Romance


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Download 2 Novels by Sax Rohmer (.MOBI)

2 Novels by Sax Rohmer
Requirements: MOBI Reader, 691 KB
Overview: AKA Arthur Sarsfield Ward (real name); Michael Furey.
Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward (15 February 1883 – 1 June 1959), better known as Sax Rohmer, was a prolific English novelist. He is best remembered for his series of novels featuring the master criminal Dr. Fu Manchu.
Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Image Image

Bimbashi Baruk of Egypt
Sax Rohmer, master writer of stories of mystery and horror, adds to his already notable group of scoundrels and heroes.
Table of Contents:
1. Mystery Strikes at Ragstaff Hill
2. The Bimbashi Meets Up with A 14
3. Murder Strikes in Lychgate
4. The Laughing Buddha Finds a
5. Warning from Rose of the Desert
6. Lotus Yuan Loses Her Vanity Case
7. The Scarab of Lapis Lazuli
8. Vengeance at the Lily Pool
9. Adventure in the Libyan Desert
10. Pool-o’-the-Moon Sees Bimbashi

The Green Eyes of Bast
Psychic investigator Dr. Damar Greefe is strolling home. It’s been a tough day, assisting the police. During this stroll, he feels someone or something watching him — but when he turns to see who it is, he faces only emptiness. Then he sees a cat staring at him, eyes as green as jade. But when he goes to investigate, the cat has disappears!

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Download The Chemical Mage by Felix R. Savage (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Chemical Mage (The Tegression Trilogy Book 1) by Felix R. Savage
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.1MB
Overview: We thought there was no magic in space. Big mistake.

The nightmare began with a massacre on a remote colony planet.

Now we’re fighting for our lives against the mysterious Ghosts, an army of ragged, shadowy horrors … innumerable, unstoppable. The heroic defensive actions of the Navy fail to turn the tide. Earth itself is in danger of falling when a disgraced gunship pilot, Colm Mackenzie, stumbles on a clue to the mystery of the Ghosts. The key is buried in his own past …

With the clock running out on humanity’s survival, it’s up to Colm to unravel the Ghosts’ ruthless vendetta against us. What he discovers will change the course of the war, and could alter the future of the galaxy.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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Download Incursion: Shock Marines by Gustavo Bondoni (.ePUB)+

Incursion: Shock Marines by Gustavo Bondoni
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.0MB
Overview: It was supposed to be a desperate suicide mission, a holding action designed to delay a deadly enemy bent on destroying humanity: five starships sent to their doom, thousands of men and women knowingly laying down their lives to buy time for the besieged human race.

And then things got really hairy.

Tristan, a highly trained shock marine, wakes up after the trip to find that nothing works: not his equipment, not his ship, not even his body…

He joins the race against time to bring their equipment back up to fighting trim and begin to understand what has happened to them and to unravel the layers of confusion and betrayal.

But the enemy waiting for them doesn’t care about any of that. They just want to destroy the human incursion as quickly as possible.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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Download The Tiger King by Patricia Logan (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Tiger King (Paladin Shifters Book 1) by Patricia Logan
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.0MB
Overview: Damiano Satriale is hiding a deep dark secret, one that he’s had to cloak from the scent of other shifters all his life. Should anyone pick up on the vibrations of his royal bloodline, it will be the end of him. Ordered to the court of King Fain, monarch to all large cat shifters, the assignment leaves a bad taste in Dami’s mouth. The last thing he ever wanted or needed was the scrutiny that will come while serving as Paladin Primero, the king’s champion and most fearsome warrior knight. To top it all off, Dami is greeted by none other than his mate, someone he’d hoped never to meet.

Paget Jureaux, the panther who runs King Fain’s household, has been serving the monarch for nearly five years after the coup which resulted in the execution of the former king, Pasha Raab. He’s made lots of acquaintances and a few friends, but he’s never had any romantic entanglements. With no other gay cats around, there hasn’t been much chance for Paget to fall in love. When his mate arrives in the form of the king’s new paladin, he curses his fate. Not only does the man come with a vicious and cruel reputation, but a stunning face and an incredibly sexy body.

Thrown together by destiny, the two realize they must avoid each other at all costs and face the biggest challenge of their lives… trying to stay alive long enough… to walk away with broken hearts.
Genre: Fiction; Romance, Sci-fi/Fantasy, LGBT


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Download Defenders by TR Cameron (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Defenders (The Chaos Shift Cycle Book 2) by TR Cameron
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.1MB
Overview: Can humanity survive an alien holy war?

Commander Anderson Cross and his executive officer Kate Flynn are being hunted. Their ship is marked for destruction after its trespass into sacred space. They must use every trick in their arsenal to stay one step ahead of Xroeshyn vengeance. Their leadership and endurance will be tested as they dodge death on every side.

On the galactic battlefield, former enemies are now allies as the Union and Alliance defend against the alien invasion. As the Floating Fortress enters the field, humanity is now outgunned as well as outnumbered. Desperate tactics may be all that can save them from defeat and death. Can Cross and Flynn remain alive and unbroken long enough to blunt the force of the alien incursion?
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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