Download franco.Kernel updater v2.0.1 APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.0+


A beautiful, fully updated with Material Design and a very easy-to-use UI, it combines a series of powerful tools to manage and control your device with franco.Kernel.

It's simply the best tool of its kind – managing the Kernel parameters has never been more fun and easy

Take note that your device needs to be ROOTED. I don't accept refunds if you fail to read this warning.

This application supports the following devices only:
* Galaxy Nexus
* Nexus 4
* Nexus 5
* Nexus 5X
* Nexus 6
* Nexus 6P
* Nexus 7 2012
* Nexus 7 2013
* Nexus 10
* One Plus One
* One Plus 2
* One Plus 3
* One Plus X

Supports Android from JellyBean (4.1) up to Nougat (7.0.+).

* Deep and powerful integration with franco.Kernel;
* Checks for new franco.Kernel versions (with a choice for automatic check once every 24h);
* Auto flash Kernels directly into the device without any user input besides requiring a reboot (which is also automatic by default);
* Display color temperature presets;
* Automatic High Brightness Mode toggle based on the ambient light (Nexus 6P and Nexus 6 only);
* Download .zips to be flashed in recovery;
* Beautiful UI that follows Material Design guidelines;
* Interface to change CPU clocks, governor and other interfaces pending Kernel support (undervolt, Hotplug control, GPU control, CPU-Boost control);
* Interface to change the CPU governor parameters;
* Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly in a single tap and frictionless;
* Custom Kernel settings such as: IO scheduler, IO scheduler tuning, certain wakelocks (if exposed by the Kernel) and other misc settings;
* A powerful tool called Per-App Profiles which lets you create power profiles for your favourite apps. For example you want maximum CPU frequency when gaming, but low frequency when reading an e-book. You can also choose whether for Wi-Fi to be on/off, if you desire you toggle Android Battery Saver, specify what type of Location Mode you want to use for that specific app and choose the display resolution on a per-app basis too: Available resolutions are: 540p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p! The possibilities are endless and opens a lot of doors. You control the device, the device doesn't control you;
* A System Monitor with a beautiful UI courtesy of the developer Christian Göllner;
* A simple File Manager to flash boot.imgs and Kernel .zips on the go from anywhere inside the sdcard (open, delete and see info about the file);
* Color and Sound control for selected devices pending Kernel support;
* CPU temperature available in the notification bar for devices that export the CPU temperature;
* Performance Profiles built-in on franco.Kernel (Power-save, Balance and Performance) which you can select with a single touch, no need to mess with settings. Also features a Home screen widget for an easy way to change profiles without going into the app;
* Specific Tasker intents for performance profiles automation;
* And there's a lot more to discover!

I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given. Use your brain – you have it for a reason! 🙂

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Download via FilesCDN

Download Retrica Pro v3.2.2 APK for Android +4.0

Requirements: 4.0+Overview: Want to take amazing photos? Stand out from the crowd – make your photos POP! Retrica will transform your photo experience into something truly memorable. Choose how you want to remember that great view from your trip, or that delicious meal you shared with a friend. With Retrica�s live filters, you can preview how your photos will look, before you even take the photo!Retrica also comes with trendy logos to make your photos more noticeable. And with over 100 filters, you�ll never run out of options.More than 100 million photos are taken per day with Retrica. The Guardian reviewed it as one of �20 best Android apps this week.� Download Retrica today, and see what all the buzz is about!Check out these awesome features when you download Retrica:Endless possibilities: All of your favorite moments can be photographed and remembered with 100+ filters.Real-time filters: Preview your photos before you snap.Vignette: Add a classic vignette border with the touch of a button.Collage: Set the time interval, and take consecutive photos using the collage feature; it�s like being in a photo booth! Take fun and quirky pictures with your friends.Watermark: You have the option to add Retrica�s watermark logo, so everyone can see the fun you�re having with Retrica!Timer: No photographer necessary – set the timer, choose your interval, and you�re good to go.Blur: Your subjects can be placed in and out of focus with this feature.Build your social network: Upload your photos to your favorite social networking sites � be the talk of the town.—-This app records precise location data into the EXIF data for JPEG photos users take. This allows users to review the location they have taken the photos in a very precise manner.WHAT’S NEWNow you can share photos and videos with Retrica friends in private! Swipe down from the Camera page to sign up!This app has no advertisementsMore Info:Code:…ticake.retrica

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Download Muziko Music player Pro v1.0.15 APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1 and up


Get best musical experience on your Android device with Muziko
Muziko Music player is a must have Android music player. The most simple and efficient music player for Android is now yours. You can find whatever your soul desires and listen to the player at work, on the go or the way you like it. It is a simple but an effective, you can install and listen to songs now! Muziko was designed with both the easy and advanced listener in mind with completely free Open source. It is simple to fast scan all your music files which will automatically find all the music files on your android phone and add them to the playlist, whether they are in MP3 or any other type of format.

It is the best music player available in minimum size provided with the following effects. Colorful design of the app makes it simple to navigate.

Key Features:

* Play queue and reorder songs

* Customize your Playlist and Favorites

* Headset/Bluetooth Controls.

* Party shuffle – Shuffle your music

* Nice user interface

* Support formats: mp3 , midi ,wav , flac , raw , aac , amr files, other common formats.

* Tag Editor : Title, Album, Artist, Genre, Year with change and remove album art options.

* Multi tag editor

* List/Grid views

* Play your music by Activity, Albums, Artists, Tracks, Genres, Playlists, Favorites and Folders.

* Powerful 5 Bands equalizer with default and customizable Presets ( Normal, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavy metal, Hiphop, Jazz, Pop, Rock ) Also built-in with 3D Effects, Reverb, bass boost effect.

* Support notification status: Show album artwork, play/pause, skip forward in notification status.

* Free to re-edit album and artist name.

* Quick search – Search for your music quickly.

* Easy Filters

* Easy navigation – One touch to navigate in your music player

* Albums – View beautiful album art in your music player

* Elegant Now playing screen with Swipe on changing and easy shortcuts like Add to playlist, Add to favorites, Equalizer, queue.

* Set the timer with Sleep timer.

* Marshmallow support

* Remove ads

Additionally, You can also explore features like Multi-selection of songs in order to put them in Next play, Queue or to Delete.

We have always believed that an app experience can be something more. This is exactly why we have created this audio player. Muziko might look simple enough, but beyond its slick, minimal exterior lies a powerful sound suite that will transform your everyday listening into an intense audio experience. This application is available to
download on Android 4.0 and above so, take advantage of Muziko android high-quality audio capabilities.

Muziko music player is a new innovative and revolutionary app which is currently in better and continuously in development of the most beautiful and powerful material design music for Android.

If you are having problems running this app or you want some new features to be updated then feel free to contact us via Email.

Marshmallow Users:

If you are running apps that can float over other apps (screen overlay), such as Facebook Messenger, Android will not alow you to accept the permissions at app launch. You will need to disable screen overlay for these apps first. Permissions are only requested once so you can re-enable them back straight after accepting. This is a security feature of Marshmallow as these apps have the power to accept the permissions on your behalf.

Thank you for your support

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Download Indian Rail Info App PRO v4.1.0 APK for Android +3.0

Requirements: 3.0+


Indian Rail Info app (PRO) is ad free & fully functional android app with beautiful UI and quick access to Indian Railways information ANYTIME ANYWHERE. It helps to plan trips, track trains and PNR numbers.


★ Share Fare Enquiry ,Seat availability, Train schedule,etc… details via email to your friends
★ Know PNR Status
★ Offline feature- load last successful pnr status (Pro Only)
★ Improved Find Trains [between stations] (Pro Only)
★ PNR History [Refresh all pnr status (Pro Only)]
★ PNR Status Notifier (Pro Only)
★ Seat Availability
★ Train Fare Enquiry
★ Arrivals / Departures
★ Train Schedule [Save schedule (Pro Only)]
★ Train Running Status
★ Favorite Trains

* PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry Pro does not require the extra permissions required for ads
* PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry Pro does not require the extra ad required files and is therefore a smaller file
* PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry Pro uses less memory and cpu because no ads are shown
* PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry Pro uses less bandwidth and data because no ads are shown

1. Know PNR Status – Get latest PNR status & other related details. Quick access to load last successed PNR status & view PNR history without internet connectivity(offline). Also clear/flush out-dated PNR details

2. Find Trains [between stations] – Get detailed list of trains running between two stations. Easy access to other features such as Train Schedule, Train Running Status, Seat Availability & Fare Enquiry.

3. PNR History – One tap to get list of all searched PNRs & facility to refresh its status together.

4. PNR Status Notifier – Get rid out of repetitive tasks & get auto enabled notification.

5. Seat Availability – Easiest way to search available seats, we provide an automated functionality to get detailed list of trains for your journey.

6. Train Fare Enquiry – Find best suitable travel option, available concessions & fare details. Option to monitor train list easily.

7. Arrivals / Departures – Get list of incoming & outgoing trains at particular station within specified time period.

8. Train Schedule – Just enter train name/number & get train schedule, also save schedule for future reference.

9. Train Running Status – The most frequent & helpful feature to get live train running status.

10. Favorite Trains – it facilitate to add your trains to favorite train list from anywhere within app.

App also facilitate to share travel details with friends and family members.
* Refer to legend to know codes and it's description.

What you feel ! give your valuable feedback & rate us.
We heartily appreciate our pro user's suggestions.
also report bugs/errors for improvement if any. [email protected]

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with IRCTC or Indian Railways.

Download Links:

Download via UsersCloud

Download Dropbox v14.1.2 [Color Mod] APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1+


Dropbox is the place for your photos, docs, videos, and other files. Files you keep in Dropbox are safely backed up and you can get to them from all your devices. It’s easy to send large files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

• Edit Microsoft Office files from your phone or tablet
• Back up photos and videos automatically if you choose
• Send large files without using email attachments

We'd love to hear from you! Join the Dropbox community:

Terms of Service:

Download Links:

Download via DailyUploads
Download via UsersCloud
Download via DailyUploads
Download via UsersCloud

Download Root Essentials Premium v2.2.13 APK for Android +3.0

Requirements: Android 3.0 and up


All in one toolbox for your rooted phone, tablet and Android Wear. This set of tools delivers all you need for your rooted handheld. "Do you need more in this all in one root toolbox? Why don't you tell us!"

★Adoptable Storage★
Enable Adoptable Storage on any Android device running Marshmallow or later. (Including Galaxy S7 and LG G4).

★App Install Location★
Set the install location where apps will be installed to by default.

★App Manager★
Get in control of your apps. View details and uninstall system apps.

★Battery Calibration★
Calibrate your battery when it is empty too quickly (e.g. after ROM flash).

★Build.prop Editor★
Easily edit your build.prop file.

★Device Info★
View lots of information about your device.

★DPI Changer★
Edit the DPI (LCD Density) of your device.

★Emoji Changer★
Change the Emojis of your device. Requires Android Lollipop or higher.

Flash Custom ROMs, GAPPS and more; Install Recovery & Boot images. Create your own script!

★Font Installer★
Select a font to install on your device. Over 700 fonts to choose from.

★Freeform Window Mode★
Enable 'Freeform Window Mode' on any Android device running Nougat or higher.

★Language Changer★
Change system language of your device.

★Mount /system RO/RW★
Mount your /system partition rewritable or readonly.

Reboot, quick reboot, reboot recovery, reboot bootloader or just power off.

★Root Browser★
Explore all the files on your phone. Swipe left or right between panels.

★Root Checker★
Check whether your device has root access (Rooting requires 3rd party tools).

★Samsung CSC Editor★
Change your Samsung device.

Android Wear
Some features of this app are also available on Android Wear. The wearable device must be rooted for most features and takes advantage of your handheld.

What is root?
Root provides access to all system files under Linux and Android. A required tool is SuperUser (also known as SuperSU). The command su grants elevated access to your files. Many ROMs including AOSP, Cyanogenmod, Paranoid and Miui can be rooted or have 'administrator rights' included in the ROM.

Download Links:

Download via FilesCDN
Download via DailyUploads
Download via Uploads

Download Super Backup Pro: SMS&Contacts v2.1.10 Patched Proper APK for Android +2.3

Requirements: 2.3+


The fastest data backup tool on android!
You can backup Apps & Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to the SD card/Gmail.You will never lose your data again!
This is the Ads free version of Super Backup

Dark Theme will come back soon!!!

★Important Notice #1
If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external.
This is because the phone reports the storage that way.
If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, please make sure default backup folder is in your external SD card before doing it. If not, please copy the entire backup folder ("SmsContactsBackup" by default)to your external SD card

★Important Notice #2
Since Android M, access bookmarks from 3rd application is disabled, so Super Backup can not backup and restore bookmarks.

-Backup apps to SD card
-Backup all app download links of Google Play
-Backup & restore app's data(need root)
-Batch restore apps from SD card (need root)
-Backup Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars to SD card
-Restore Contacts & SMS & Call logs & Bookmarks & Calendars from SD card
-Can select SMS conversations to backup
-Delete the backup data on SD card
-Schedule automatic backups
-Auto upload scheduled backups to your Gmail or Google Drive
-Can download backup files from Google Drive
-Show last backup count & time
-User can change backup folder path in Settings

About Permissions:
These permissions are used to backup & restore your SMS

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Contacts

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Bookmarks

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Calendars

These permissions are used to backup & restore your Call logs

– Italian- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta
– Portuguese- Thanks to Emmanuel Avetta
– Korean- Thanks to 장승훈
– Hungaria- Thanks to Balu & Hevesi J.
– Turkish- Thanks to Fatih Fırıncı
– Arabic- Thanks to Falcon Eye
– Polish- Thanks to Alvin Świtała
– Russian- Thanks to Сергей Приклонский
– Czech – Thanks to Renek

Download Links:

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Download Premium v3.2.22 APK for Android +2.3.3

Requirements: Varies with device


Use Ookla Speedtest for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.

Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry!

– Discover your Download, Upload and Ping
– Real-time graphs show connection consistency
– Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
– Track past tests with detailed reporting
– Easily share your results

Download Links:

For Both ARM & X86
Download via FilesCDN

Download Textra SMS PRO v3.24 APK for Android +4.0.3

Requirements: 4.0.3+


Want a beautiful, super fast and highly customizable alternative to your stock Android messaging app?

Well today is your day. Textra is simply outstanding!

Comes with a bunch of great features, notably 100+ material design theme, bubble & app icon colors. Dark, light & auto-night modes, 6 bubble styles, scheduled (future) SMS & MMS, stop during send, slide to delete / call, quick snap camera, multi-select picture gallery, quick reply popup, awesome MMS GROUP messaging, quick voice memos, GIFs, 21 text sizes, blocker / blacklisting, auto video & picture compression and lots more.

Customize your preferred bubble colors, signatures and notifications (icon color, LED color, sound, vibration, privacy, reminders and muting) PER CONVERSATION as well.

Get all the latest 1600+ Android, Twitter, Emoji One & iOS style emojis including diversity (skin tone). Just pick your preferred emoji style and express yourself!

New: Copy Partial Text inside a bubble, tap a bubble to check out this great new feature!

It's pretty special; try it, tell your friends, shout from the treetops, but most of all enjoy it.

Fully compatible with Pushbullet, MightyText, Android Wear and Android Auto (car) for enhanced notifications and quick reply.

DUAL SIM: Textra (v3.23) now fully supports dual sim devices for Android 5.1 and above.

All Textra features are free forever. Occasionally you'll see an ad, or you can choose to make a once only in-app purchase to remove ads forever.

Support, Knowledge Base & Feedback @

Simple. Beautiful. Fast.

Download Links:

Download via ZippyShare

Download Zad Premium | Arabic Mood Quotes v1.3 APK for Android +4.1

Requirements: 4.1+


Zad (زاد)
App acts as your priceless emotion assistant by serving you hekma ( hikam ) quotes & life lessons based on your current mood .

Famous quotes , malcolm x quotes ,
Meaningful quotes and meaningful sayings by wisemen leaders like Omar Ebn Elkhatab , Abu Bakr , ali ezzat begovic ,
Wise like helen keller , barack obama quotees
Sports quotes from usain bolt , Michael Phillips , muhammad ali , michael schumacher ,
Actors Quotes from marilyn monroe charlie chaplin , charles chaplin ,
Artist Quotes from leonardo da vinci , Zaha Hadid
It will notify you with morning quotes and night quotes , evening quotes

Zad's main goal is to enrich the Arabic content on the web (especially mobile) by not just serving its users with personalized hand-crafted quotes but by also allowing them to contribute and improve its database.

Zad's users can contribute to the app by sending their quotes to the app directly or by attending nearby events where they can read and buy new books featured by partner bookstores and engage directly with both the book authors and app developers and get rewards for their contributions.

Which boosts Zad's goal in spreading the culture of reading and contributing throughout the Arab world.
All of the app's effort is packaged in a beautiful user interface that is personalized and pixel-crafted in an unprecedented way in the Arab world.

Zad app is a collection of a great number of carefully hand picked quotes from more than many different people. It contains sayings by philosophers, writers, spiritual thinkers and other great minds whose brilliant words inspired many human beings.
The app can bring quotes suitable for you mood.
It also has a widget to display quotes on your home screen.

Google Plus:

Or you can Email us: [email protected]

Stay well.

Download Links:

Download via FilesCDN
Download via Uploads