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June 10, 2009

Connected Life is a groundbreaking series about technology. By combining broadcast television with the power of new media, Connected Life is an entertainment experience with unprecedented marketing opportunities.

Moving beyond traditional advertising models, Connected Life offers intelligent ad placements that seamlessly incorporates your brand into specific show themes. And with multiple theme segments like product reviews, editorials and history bites in each show, the opportunities to enforce your brand increase dramatically.

Your sponsorship always retains its value. Connected Life episodes remain permanently archived and searchable through the web. You’ll continue to reach your audience even after the initial episode has aired. Reach today’s most sought-after viewers – the educated, affluent, and influential – and create positive brand association and awareness with tech savvy early adopters and influencers.

Whether it’s on television, a computer or on the move using a mobile device, Connected Life is where your audience lives. Become a part of the show that has revolutionized entertainment and advertising – become a part of Connected Life.

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