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A Grim Trilogy series by Jennifer Reinfried (#0.5-3)
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Overview: Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer never thought that she could actually write a book. Granted, her parents always urged her to write, considering she always had her nose stuck in a book starting at the age of two, and would never be seen without one to three books on her at any given time. She got her love of the written word from her father, and her tenacity from her mother, and eventually, she tried her hand at a full length novel. She is currently writing the third book of the trilogy.
Genre: Science Fiction | Superheroes | Crime

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Grim Inception (Book 0.5)
Witness the dawn of a new hero. Attorney Henry Haas thought he had nothing left to lose. Wealthy from blood money, he works for the most ruthless crime boss in Redborogh, Oregon. But when innocent blood spills, Henry isn’t the only one wanting revenge. Grim Inception is a short story prequel to Grim Ambition. Be here for the beginning of Grim’s dark justice.

Grim Ambition (Book 1)
Aspiring crime boss Emma McRae knows about superheroes. Used for her beauty and enticing demeanor, Emma has been entangled in the underground crime life since she was a little girl. No one has ever left the crime syndicate except in a body bag, and Emma is trapped in her current, low-level role. A calculated attack by the city’s superhero, Grim, throws Emma’s employer and his well-oiled business into chaos. Eager to impress and finally move up to better jobs – and more respect – Emma doesn’t hesitate to accept the order to infiltrate the vigilante’s life. Her targets include Shawn Thorton and his adoptive brother, Jaxon Rettig. Legally blind from a young age, Shawn doesn’t seem like much of a threat, but harbors a secret: with the help of neurostimulating lenses, he is Grim, and has been targeting Vance’s syndicate with ruthless ambition. Unaware of each other’s cold-blooded goals, Shawn and Emma begin to fall for each other. She was born into the criminal life, but through Shawn, begins to question if she’s on the wrong side of the fight. Emma wants to expose Grim’s secret identity and claim his power before her employer decides she’s a liability and fits her for a fancy pair of cement Jimmy Choos. Jaxon, who wants a better role than “tech-savvy sidekick,” longs to take the fighting into his own hands. Shawn must choose between protecting his jealous brother and falling for the appealing Emma, who might be the arch nemesis that brings the superhero to his knees.

Grim Misfortune (Book 1.5)
When tragedy struck the secret government research Lab 14, Duncan Breckner escaped with most of the test subjects; genetically enhanced children bred for war. For many years Duncan and the “Synths” have been in hiding, living as a family and learning to control the dangerous powers the children possess. They never leave their secure compound, hiding from the government and the rest of the world. But an alarming report out of Brazil spurs them into action. Mysterious weather disasters can only be the work of Larissa, one of the children whom they assumed dead from the massacre at the lab. Hoping to add another to his group of superheroes-in-training, Duncan and the Synths travel to confront the girl lost to them. She could be a powerful ally. Or a terrifying enemy.

Grim Judgment (Book 2)
In the aftermath of a terrifying revelation on the roof in Redborough, Shawn Thorton hovers near death. His adoptive brother Jaxon, still reeling from his role in the massacre, is torn between his need for vengeance and his desire to protect Shawn. While the criminals they swore to fight escape into the night, Jaxon is confronted by a group of strangers who already know his secrets. Duncan Breckner has the answers Jaxon seeks. While Shawn struggles to recover from his wounds, Duncan reveals their forgotten past. Their mysterious powers are the result of a government experiment gone horribly wrong, and they aren’t the only ones with superhuman abilities. The story of Lab 14 unfolds, and Jaxon learns he wasn’t the only one in the family keeping secrets. His own father hid a devastating truth, and that betrayal threatens the tenuous hold Jaxon has on his dark gift. As lie after lie is revealed, Jaxon struggles against the shadows in his heart. And if those shadows break free, even Grim himself may be powerless against the wrath of his brother’s revenge. Return to the dark world of superheroes and crime lords. New allies are made, and new enemies arise in the thrilling sequel to Grim Ambition.

Grim Resentment (Book 2.5)
In the bloody aftermath of the slaughter at Lab 14, Duncan Breckner escaped with as many the synthetically created children as he could. He raised them with love and kindness, something the young government experiments had never truly known. But another Synth escaped. Without anyone to help him, to guide him, bitter at being left behind, Charlie Reed grew up angry. Furious at the world that created him and destroyed his life, he’s set out on a murderous mission to end the experiments once and for all. Using his unique gift, he travels the world, targeting anyone who possesses superhuman powers. And now he has his sights set on Shawn, Duncan, and the rest of the Synths.

Grim Vengeance (Book 3)
When two superhero brothers face off, their battle will shadow the world. Shawn Thorton is Grim, a vigilante hell-bent on eliminating the criminals who destroyed his family. His brother Jaxon has been at his side since their days at the laboratory where both men were created. But Jaxon’s dark power has warped his need for revenge into madness, and after he murdered their father, the fraternal bond was completely shattered. Reuniting with the rest of the Synthetics from Lab 14 has opened Shawn’s eyes, turning him away from the path of vengeance. Jaxon, however, refuses to see the light, and nothing will stand between him and the deaths of those who have betrayed him. Countless innocents have been massacred as Jaxon’s madness takes over his mind. Now, Shawn must side with his old enemies if he hopes to stop his brother before the rest of the world falls to the horrors of Jaxon’s wrath. Come back to the Grim universe for the thrilling and unforgettable conclusion to A Grim Trilogy.

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