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Smart bike helmet transmits real-time data

August 9, 2013 - 10:12 am

A tech firm from Israel has taken sensors similar to what fighter pilots wear and embedded them into a bicycle helmet to monitor your vital signs.

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Smart phone batteries could soon charge instantly

- 10:10 am

New uses for graphene could eventually be expanded to include electric cars.

Concrete canvas tents

- 10:06 am

Concrete canvas tents to the rescue when disaster strikes.

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New prosthetics will be robotic implants

- 10:05 am

New advances in prosthesis will have a titanium implant will be anchored directly to the patient’s skeleton, and feature electrodes which join onto the remaining nerves and muscles of the amputee.


Re-Timer keeps jet lag in check

- 10:03 am

For $260, the Re-Timer will deliver a calibrated dose of light to regulate your body clock.

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