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Episode 37: Gadgets

December 16, 2008 - 12:15 pm

Connected Life goes digital–cameras that is

December 13, 2008 - 4:50 pm

This week’s Episode of Connected Life covers something near and dear to me–photography.

I’ve been a photographer for about 30 years now. My first camera was a Polaroid One Step (interestingly this week Polaroid ceased production of that film) and now I use a Nikon D300. Pretty big jump over they years I’d say.

This week Connected Life looks at two point-n-shoots and two DSLRs, any of which would be fantastic cameras to use (and I’ve been using them a bit).

The Sony Alpha 300 is on the lower-end of the DSLR market, but does have an awesome tiltable LCD live view that lets you get the shot even if you have to stretch for it. The Nikon D90 is the first DSLR that lets you shoot HD video with sound. If you’ve a Nikon DSLR before you’d be right at home with the D90.

The Sony Cybershot T77 and the Nikon S60 are great little point-n-shoots that are light, slim, and compact. I love cameras this size for slipping into a pocket for parties and just snap shots around town.

If you want my buying advice, do want our host Bradley Shende and I suggest: hold it, try it out in the store and see how easy it is for you to just figure out. The other key things for me in a camera are the size and placement of buttons/controls. Not only do I have big fingers, but I’m also left-handed, together this can make for a lot of camera fumbling if I don’t make sure a camera fits my hand and fingers well.

My two primary cameras are Nikon D80 and D300, these have pretty good button and dial placement. I wasn’t too happy with any Cannon DSLRs I tried because of buttons, but I love my old Canon Powershot point-n-shoot because everything just works with my.

Also on Connected Life this week is the premier of Bits and Sass.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments or feedback here.

Episode 36: Tech and security (Part 2)

December 8, 2008 - 12:12 pm

Behind the scences at Connected Life

December 2, 2008 - 3:08 pm

We’re filming some new episodes today for Connected Life and since it’s close to the Holidays we’re talking gadgets!

I wandered down to our studio and took a few pics of the guys setting up.

Yeah I had a sneak peak at the gadgets … oh yeah there are cool things to show.

The camera that are coming out, even at the point-n-shoot level, are getting better and better.

Here are a few of the guys setting up:

Sympatico MSN highlights Connected Life’s security tips

- 2:27 pm

We all need reminders about computer security. Even us old hands get duped sometimes. Connected Life has a short video with some key (basic) security tips and Sympatico MSN thought it was pretty good too, because they highlighted it today!


Yeah I know, but I think we’re allow to brag a bit. If you’d like so watch the video (or send to someone else to look at) click on the thumbnail below and get informed:

Connected Life: Online Fraud
Connected Life: Online Fraud

And no, variations of “password” are not good passwords.