Download Baby Mommas by H.L. Logan (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Baby Mommas (Neeson Girls Book 1) by H.L. Logan
Requirements: ePUB / AZW3 Reader, 570 KB | Retail
Overview: When a baby is dropped on Faye Erwin’s doorstep, she has three questions: Why’s it here? Where’d it come from? And how does she get rid of it? The English professor’s worked hard to distance herself from her trashy family, and she’s got enough going on without taking on her irresponsible sister’s problems. To make matters even worse, an airheaded student is there to witness the embarrassing event.

Jaz Neeson has never seen her calm, contemptuous thesis supervisor thrown so far off-balance. Faye’s dazzling intelligence – not to mention her iridescent beauty – have always intimidated the masters candidate. Since Jaz adores kids, she offers to nanny the chubby-cheeked little girl. Winning Faye’s approval is a potential bonus.

Faye’s sense of duty means she’s stuck with the infant for the moment. As she learns to change diapers and heat up formula, she also begins to appreciate Jaz’s intelligence and tenderness. Forced to spend time more together, the two women realize they care for each other – and for Gretchen. But as the three start to feel like a family, Faye and Jaz’s custody comes into question.

With outsiders trying to take their baby away from them, will Faye and Jaz be torn apart too? Or will they manage to give Gretchen a loving home?
Genre: Fiction | Romance, FF


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Download The Cretun Chronicles by Derek & Nathan Howe (.ePUB)+

The Cretun Chronicles (1-2) by Derek & Nathan Howe
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 1.2MB
Overview: The world is not what it seems.

Aiden lived his whole life fearing the Vanishings. It has already struck him once. When it does again Aiden tries to find the reasons they happen. With the help of his, friends Aiden goes against those in the Tower to solve the mystery that has plagued it since the beginning.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy

Image Image

#1 – Aiden
Racing against both the Tower and the world outside Aiden struggles to solve the mystery. He risks being sent to the Farm or death. For Aiden and his friends, they have to know what happens to those who disappear.

Will Aiden solve the mystery of the Vanishing? Or will he die or be sent to the Farm?

#2 – Mason
The world has been turned upside down for Aiden and his friends.
He once thought he could not step foot outside, that was a lie. Now free of the Tower and on the run for his life, Aiden must avoid the Cretuns as he tries to find and rescue his sister.
Can he do it? Or will he lose even more?

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Download Wilder Legacy by G K DeRosa (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Wilder Legacy (The Guardian #4) by G K DeRosa
Requirements: ePUB / AZW3 Reader, 836 KB | Retail
Overview: The life of a Guardian is a dangerous one, and with everything Celeste has lost in the past year, will she find the strength to continue on?

Battling the growing evil inside her proved to be Celeste Wilder’s most formidable challenge—and the fight isn’t over yet. As her Guardian skills continue to strengthen and tangle with the power of the Albsurori ring, new and old enemies emerge to conspire against her and the Constantin brothers alike.

When news breaks about an attempt to free Brazen, the rogue Alpha, Celeste must rely on unlikely allies, causing her to question the loyalties of everyone around her. With Alek looming continuously in the background and Brazen’s foreboding final words to her, there seems to be no end in sight to the struggle.

To top it all off, Roman has always remained by her side, but the discovery of another Wilder family secret may threaten their future forever.
Genre: Fiction | Paranormal/Coming of Age


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Download The Battle for Vella Lavella by Reg Newell (.PDF)

The Battle for Vella Lavella : The Allied Recapture of Solomon Islands Territory, August 15–September 9, 1943 by Reg Newell
Requirements: PDF Reader, 73 MB
Overview: During World War II, the Solomon Islands became the scene of a titanic struggle between Allied and Japanese forces. After their victory on Guadalcanal, Americans advanced into the New Georgia Group with horrendous casualties. Admiral Halsey then implemented an “island hopping” strategy, bypassing Japanese strongpoints. The first was an obscure island called “Vella Lavella.”

This book is the first detailed examination of the struggle for Vella Lavella, covering the ground, air and sea battles and the involvement of American and New Zealand soldiers, the coastwatchers, South Pacific Scouts and the Islanders.

“Reg Newell illuminated an obscure part of WWII history. The book is a positive testament to those New Zealand and American soldiers who perished there. Thanks for writing it!” – Dick Arnold, 35th (Cacti) Infantry Regiment Association
Genre: Non-Fiction > History


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Download Carve by Melanie Abrantes (.ePUB)

Carve: A Simple Guide to Whittling by Melanie Abrantes
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 88 MB
Overview: Whittle a beautiful spoon, comb, pair of dice, and more with this fresh introduction to a folksy craft. Carve modernizes a mindful hobby that people have turned to for generations to help them slow down, relax, and connect with the outdoors. Choose from a dozen projects with bespoke details, all are designed to be useful at home or while camping. And because these objects are small, they require only a few hours and a tool or two to complete. You’ll also learn how to choose the right knife and wood, helpful information on techniques and safety, and tips for refining, personalizing and maintaining your piece. Whether you’re headed to the woods or just to the porch, this pocket-sized guide will have you carving your own unique designs in no time.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Crafts, Hobbies & Home


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Download Crafting Fun for Kids of All Ages by Kim Uliana (.ePUB)

Crafting Fun for Kids of All Ages: Pipe Cleaners, Paint & Pom-Poms Galore, Yarn & String & a Whole Lot More by Kim Uliana
Requirements: EPUB Reader, 35 MB
Overview: In Crafting Fun for Kids of All Ages, blogger Kim Uliana offers 200 entertaining, versatile, and easy-to-assemble arts and crafts projects for any occasion. Make glittery snowflakes and thumbprint ornaments during the holidays, create straw hats and button sunflowers for summer vacation, or decorate personalized bookmarks for back-to-school.

Kim guides readers through each project, giving step-by-step instructions even the youngest crafter will be able to follow. Projects are organized by materials to provide easy searching and shopping for children and adults.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Crafts, Hobbies & Home


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Download Westward Dreams series by Jane Peart (.ePUB)

Westward Dreams series by Jane Peart (1, 2 & 5)
Requirements: ePub Reader, 1.6 mb
Overview: Jane Peart is a best-selling and award winning novelist in both the secular and Christian markets. Her beloved Brides of Montclair Series is one of the longest continuous series on the market. She has also published the Westward Dreams Series, the American Quilts Series, the Orphan Train Series, the Edgecliffe Manor Mysteries, as well as many other titles. She is the author of over 60 books in all, translated into several languages and sold internationally.
Genre: Romance > Historical

Image Image Image

1. Runaway Heart (1994)
Heroine Holly Lambeth has escaped the humiliation of a broken engagement by visiting her cousin’s family in Riverbend, Oregon. When her cousin proves less than hospitable, Holly is forced to find her own way in this very alien and hostile culture. An unforeseen opportunity presents a challenge that brings Holly to a decision that will not only change her, but alter her own vision of her future.

2. Promise of the Valley (1995)
When southern born Adelaide Pride loses her home, her parents, and the man she would have married during the Civil War, she accepts a position as a companion to a Yankee spinster at a health spa in Napa Valley, California. Did she dare to hope that her dreams of love and belonging were yet possible?

5. Undaunted Spirit (1999)
An ambitious Eastern girl, Mindy McClaren leaves her comfortable home to become the editor of a newspaper in a rugged silver-mining town in the mountains of Colorado. This is a true-West adventure and romance.

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Download Financial Times – 22 January 2018 / Europe (.PDF)

Financial Times – 22 January 2018 / Europe
Requirements: PDF Reader, 20 MB
Overview: The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading business media organizations, is recognized globally for its authority, integrity and accuracy. The Financial Times provides a 360-degree perspective on global business and geopolitical news by harnessing a worldwide network of award-winning journalists who deliver extensive news, comment and analysis.
Genre: Newspaper


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Download The Jersey Devil by James F. McCloy & Ray Miller (.ePUB)+

The Jersey Devil by James F. McCloy & Ray Miller
Requirements: EPUB or MOBI Reader, 4.8MB
Overview: In the course of its extraordinary history, the Jersey Devil has been exorcised, shot, electrocuted, declared officially dead, and scoffed as foolishness–none of which has had any effect on it or the people who persist in seeing it!This mysterious creature is said to prowl the lonely sand trails and mist-shrouded marshes of the Pine Barrens, and emerge perioducally to rampage through the towns and cities of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, leaving many communities in near-hysteria.The authors show that while a few appearances have been out-right fraud and others have likely been the result of mass hysteria, this creature has been seen by enough sane, sober, and responsible citizens to keep the possiblity of its existence alive and tantalizing.
Genre: Non-Fiction | History | Folklore


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Download Galactic God Series Box Set by Vance C. Kessler (.ePUB)

The Galactic God Series Box Set: The Initial Trilogy Collection by Vance C. Kessler
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.2MB
Overview: Join the Landon family in their history altering adventures in this eBook collection that contains the first three books of the Galactic God series by Vance Kessler. The books in this collection are Fire Starter, Rekindled, and Bonfire.
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


#1 – Fire Starter
Fire Starter launches you into a galaxy where theology and aliens collide. Major Derec Landon and his crew travel in search of intelligent life on other planets. What will those aliens do? How different will they be? Will they know God? How about Jesus?

Derec had this mission planned and completely under control. With the best crew and the best ship, they could handle anything. At least that is what he thought. Join Derec in this adventure in the 23rd century as he discovers just how prepared they are.

#2 – Rekindled
The spaceship Columbus held shocking news from Morton’s father when it returned to Earth. Morton, along with the rest of the world, struggles with the implications of finding intelligent life on a distant planet and with what happened to the crew. How will humans react to knowing aliens worship the same god we do? How will a government that barely tolerates Christianity react?

Rekindled, the second book of the Galactic God series, explores how finding intelligent life on another planet would impact us here on Earth. Would people embrace such knowledge or crucify it?

#3 – Bonfire
Aaron Landon doubts he’ll accomplish anything significant for mankind during this mining mission in these dusty parts of the galaxy. Finding planets with valuable resources would be useful but not truly important. Thirty years ago, the discovery made by Aaron’s great-grandfather had changed the course of history on two planets. Aaron wished his life could be that meaningful. When he stumbles upon another intelligent species, it is a leap in the right direction. The crew of the Phoenix discovers a world where every living soul professes belief in God. What could such a world be like? Will it be heavenly … or hellish? What will they think of these humans when some of them don’t even believe in God?

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